Game Pou - information about the Pou game

Mobile game Pou is one of the favourite Android games. In the game you will take care of small creature named Pou and you will look after him in his life path since childhood to his or her adulthood. If you remember good old Tamagochi game or well-known The Sims series you will find Pou very familiar.

You are going to feed Pou, do the cleaning in the bathroom and have fun with your pet. You can either play with ball or start one of minigames - Food Drop, Sky Jump, Free Fall, Color Match, Match Tap, Color Tap, Sad Tap, Poupopper, Find Pou, Memory, Connect, Pou Sounds, Tic Tac Pou or Fourpous. In Food Drop, your mission is to collect food and avoid eating inedible items. In Sky Jump your Pou will turn into an adventurer trying to jump as high as possible. Starting in underground, it will eventually get to the solid ground and then jump into the skyes. Free Fall is kind of an opposite. Pou is doing special kind of skydiving and your target is to help him avoid colliding with clouds. All games are great fun and you will hardly resist playing once more every time your game is over.

How will the Pou look like? It's completely up to you! You can change the skin and hair color, dress Pou in a way you personally like the most, make it's haircut cute or butch, pick the best sunglasses from one of many ingame shops and so on.

Not only you can change your Pou's look, you can also amend his living as much as you like. New wallpapers are just a start... new items, beautiful garden, house appearence adjustments - all is there. There are tons of skins, colours, shapes and patterns, dozens of items which all have their own styles, loads of meals to fill stomach and refridgerator with them and make your pet totally happy and delighted.

Pou is fantastic game that will entertain you for ages! Highly reccommended to try out!

Pictures and screenshots from the Pou game

Picture of Pou dude. Picture of Sky Jump minigame. Picture of chubby Pou who does not care whether he is slim or not.
Picture of the game Sky Jump in space phase. Picture of Pou fellow. Picture of Connect mini game.

Additional information

  • playable offline except multiplayer minigames
  • Pou can be saved to online server

System Requierements (Hardware Needed to Run the Game)

  • requires Android 1.6 or higher
  • size of game is 14MB

Demoversion of the Pou game?

Pou is completely free, so no need to search for demo download, just download full version free of charge.

How to run Pou on computer

Although Pou is for mobile phones with Android OS, it is playable on computer as well.

Pictures and screenshots from the Pou game

Picture of Pou being in beddy-byes. Picture of flight phase of Sky Jump game. Picture of Pou in bathroom.
Picture showing game over in minigame. Picture of smiling Pou. Picture of turbo cloud in Sky Jump mini game.

Detailed information

Detail specification is being prepared...

Free download

The game Pou can be downloaded now in Google Play shop for free.